Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Shaykh Nazim Visits and Dreams

There so many stories I could talk about, but I think the these are the most interesting, of my experiences with Shaykh Nazim.

Surah Luqman for wisdom

My Naqshbandi-Haqqani friends went to see Shaykh Nazim in Cyprus, when they came back, they were so happy being in the company of their Shaykh, I heard one of sister say how lucky are they meeting the Shaykh, she wasn’t envious she also wanted to go and be in this present to take some blesses. I said, 'You had to go all that way, I meet him last night in a dream. Your Shaykh told me in a dream that took place in America, as I entered the room it was signed Only Serious Mureeds, only a few people were around him, he said read Surah Luqman for wisdom’. To me.

A friend was in pain- Shaykh Nazim Vision

Once my friend complained of pains to me, I tried to comfort her and suggested she read some Du’as, Insh’allah the pains would go, I taught her a small Salawat ala rasul (durood Shareef) which can be found in the section called Powerful Du’as, under 600,000 reward. Anyway she started to read, and read shortly she saw a vision Shaykh Nazim, and both my friend and Shaykh Nazim were reading together the same Salawat ala rasul (durood Shareef) which I gave my friend. She told me, ‘I wasn’t thinking of him, or anything, I was busy repeating Jazaa-allah annhu Muhammadin Maa-huwa Ahlu!, what you gave me to recite, suddenly in front of me the Shaykh was saying the same thing but when he said the last letter with me, all the pain stop. It was NOT a dream because I wasn’t sleeping’! I said Subhanallah maybe he’s your Shaykh and is giving you a sign.

Eclipse and Shaykh Nazim

I saw a dream were the sky was red and I was with the reception for meeting Shaykh Nazim In Slough Berkshire, my Home Town. In the morning or a few days later. I said to my Naqshbandi friends that your Shaykh is coming there soon, because he was in London and very busy and many people wanted him to come to their Towns. But there was a 50-50 chance of him at all coming if at all. They were upset and really wanted their Shaykh to come to Slough, but just didn’t know what was going on. As the Shaykh came in the main Hall I gave a mighty Takbir! Very loudly and very long, the Shaykh smiled and throw something at me, people wanted to know what it was, I then held his hand and the crowd which have no Adab for the Shaykh all wanted to meet him and kiss his hand, I hand one hand holding the Shaykh the other arm was stretched out with my hand open wide. The crazy sea of people moved, I took the Shaykh through and sat him hand on the stage, I was next to him the whole time, and in between I again very long and loud Takbir! The Shaykh was very happy, at the end we allowed people to meet the Shaykh very one meet him, I was next to him, controlling the silly crowd trying to push in to meet the Shaykh. I made people stand in a human chain arm in arm, so very one had to go round in an organised circle. The Shaykh has come many times to my hometown, I was just one of the brothers who helps organise the event, but I’m not one of this Mureeds- followers. That night it was Red also, it happen to be an Eclipsed night, so that’s why it became Red in my dream, Mash Allah! it was a real True dream.

Mocking the Shaykh

I was once with a fool who made a silly mark about Shaykh Nazim as we were walking passed my local Mosque, I said they are performing the Naqshbandi Dhikr in there right now are Mureeds of Shaykh Nazim, do you want to go in? he said some very disguising remarks about Shaykh Nazim, which I warned him, not to said because he is a friend of Allah and Allah protects his friends. I escorted him to his house because the following day he was moving up North, and then went back home, on the way home I had to walk pass the mosque were the Dhikr had just started, suddenly I was made to go inside, some Spiritual energy just pulled me inside the Mosque. The following day I went in the morning to see if he was still there, I knocked on the door, but before they could tell me he was in an accident I said ‘I know, his car is like a sandwich, I said,’ Yes said the brother answering the door, he continued saying ‘the car rolled over 2 or 3 times’, and then gave me a strange look, because nobody knew about it, as it just happen. Suddenly I could see him 200 miles away, and I knew why it had happen and I could see it as well. Apparently his car was fully packed and a bicycle was tied on the roof, if that wasn’t there, he could’ve been killed. Foolish boy. What I saw suddenly was from Basi’rah- the Inner Eye of the Heart. It lets you see the unseen and future, its what some people call a sixth sense or a spiritual feeling. This a very old story it happen about 9 years old when I used to do so much Dhikr, and I started to see and feel things of the unseen. I think I was more passionate and very active in Dhikr as I was only Young and Care-free of the World. Now I’m older and busier with Dunya-worldly affairs like paying off bills and working that’s just part of life people. So the things are different for me. I think maybe if I had more time to do dhikr, the unseen elements may come back. Allahu-Alim. I don’t think myself lucky having experience such things. But it’s a stage within my life that I had and may or maybe not return. None the less I’ve taught a few people similarly ways to open their Basirah.

Dream of Reprimanded by Shaykh Nazim

I was in a local mosque and was asking Shaykh Nazim to do Du’a for me, he did and then angrily said why did you come to me go to your own Shaykhs and asks them for Du’as. One can understand that the power of the Shaykhs of my Tariqah, Qadiri-Noshahi must be very strong because one of my teachers used to asks the awliyahs-[Friends of God] for Du’as they refused saying the Shaykhs carrying you are very strong and you are of no need of asking us for Du’as. This dream was very strong as it felt real and it was hard to tell if it was a dream or not real, because my heart was pounding when I got up, I was in a strange state intoxicating the experiences.

Dream of the Shaykhs in my garden

Shaykh Nazim, Shaykh Waleed, Shaykh Hisham, Sayyid Ali al yemani, were all sitting down crossed legged in my garden. I was also there. Don’t know why, don’t know the meaning of that one.

It must be stressed experiences change time to time, from nothing to everything. To boredom to excitement. This is the nature of feelings and life in general. What is important is understanding what is going on, the wise one will understand straight away. Others maybe reflect after the event and maybe tastes the knowledge then. Maybe it takes several years for an experience to be understood or even appreciated. And this is true I feel with many people. One doesn’t always see the result of there works, maybe the answer is looking at you right in the face. And all you need is someone to tell you. Waking up from that state and realising them is what spiritual experiences are.

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