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Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani (RA)
Lefke, Cyprus - 15.12.1999

Grandsheikh said that before Mahdi, aleyhi salam, comes Armageddon should come. Armageddon. It is the last and biggest battle in history. After that there will be no more war. Mahdi, aleyhi salam, is coming. And Dajjal, the Anti-Christ, the Anti-Christ is coming, and for forty days he and his followers will run from East to West; they are going to be in every city or town. He is going to pass through every place where mankind lives and call them to be his servants, and he is going to claim that he is their Lord. Forty days. The first day is going to be like one year. The second day is going to be like one month, the third day is going to be like one week, and after these three days the remaining thirty-seven days will be normal days. Then Dajjal is going to have been all around the world, and finally he will come to Damascus, outside Damascus; towards the north-east, in the direction of Aleppo where there is a huge mountain. He arrives there, after going around the whole world, and Archangel Gabriel puts his wing in front of him when he comes, and he will look up and it will be without end, and he will look down and he can't see. He will see it as a wall in front of him, a huge hinderance, and he is going to say to his armies: We have reached the end of this world. Beyond this there is no more mankind. Now the whole world is under my Command, and I am your Lord!

Then Allah Almighty orders Sayyidina Isa, Jesus Christ, to come down. And Jesus Christ has one Angel on this side, and one Angel on the other side, and he descends to the east minaret of the Ummayyad Mosque. It is the time for fajr, and Mehdi, aleyhi salam, peace be upon him, is going to the mihrab to be imam. And just at this time Sayyidina Isa comes down and walks; Sayyidina Isa is a very handsome one, so handsome that you can't look at him. White and red turban, he has a turban on his head, and he is carrying a sword. And he is sweating because, Sayyidina Isa, masha'allah, he has just come from the Heavens. And Sayyidina Mehdi, aleyhi salam, comes back and asks him to be the imam. But Sayyidina Isa says…he is going to say: No. The Seal of Prophets, your Prophet, and our Prophet, said on the day I come from the Heavens to earth, that you should be the imam. Therefore you are the imam today. I will pray behind you. So Mehdi will pray, fajr prayer, and Isa, aleyhi salam, prays with him. I hope to be with those people. I am asking Allah Almighty that I may be with them for this. After finishing they leave the mosque, and the armies of Islam run from the east entrance of the mosque, and go from there, to the St. Thomas Arch. They will pass through that entrance from the time of the Romans, and go to fight the Anti-Christ. And when Dajjal smells the scent of Sayyidina Isa, he is going to melt, to melt. Melting. As sugar melts, he is going to melt. And Isa, aleyhi salam, when he reaches him, he never killed anyone, Sayyidina Isa, not even an ant, but he will kill him, he will run to him, attack him, and with his sword he kills him, cutting him in two pieces. And everyone of his followers will be killed, to be cleaned.

The time is approaching. The time now approaching is a preparation for Mehdi, aleyhi salam, and for the Anti-Christ and for Sayyidina Isa, peace be upon him. It is approaching. Therefore the authority that Allah Almighty granted to people to carry them more to their Lord, but which they use for opposite purposes, they use technology against the Lord of Heavens, and they fight against Allah Almighty's orders; therefore now, first of all that authority that was granted to them, this electricity will be taken from them. It is not only taken from earth, through computers, but from the sun, waves, magnetic waves will come and, like a hoover take away all electricity, and I fear that it is going to affect our bodies, that there will also be some electric waves on our bodies. So many people are going to die from that, because it is taken away. Only those who are protected, people with heavenly protection, those who are under protection, will not be harmed, no harm can come on them.

Therefore days are running so quickly and approaching this time. Subhanallah. Tonight is the eighth night of Ramadan, so quickly passed, and there are only fifteen days to the Millennium. Millenium, fifteen days…And you should find yourself in another world. In other unknown conditions. Such conditions that no-one now can anticipate. But everything that is against Heavenly Laws must come down, must finish. Don't hope that someone is going to correct these things (computer problems?). No. And even if they are corrected, these waves are coming and will never leave anything on earth.

And I heard from our Grandsheikh that Mehdi, aleyhi salam, will say: Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Then everything of technology, if something remains, will be finished. Nothing. And with the second takbir comes another power, that has never been used on earth from the beginning up to today. Nature is going to be under that new authority and working for believers and the followers of Mahdi, aleyhi salam, and Sayyidina Isa. That is going to be like paradise. But this time into which we are now coming, is most terrible, a dangerous, horrible time. Perhaps it will be after Ramadan, in Shawwal, or Dhul Qada, or Dhul Hijja, or Muharram. Perhaps in four months, perhaps six months, but I don't think that it will wait for next Ramadan. It is so close now.

We hope that Allah Almighty grants us a good faith. Everyone harming mankind should die. Everything hurting people must be taken away. No weapons will work. They will be finished. Only swords that will come from heavens. Heavenly swords, not from the earth, no.

Allah, allah, allah, allah, allah allah, 'aziz allah, ... karim allah, ... subhan allah, sultan allah.

Let us, oh our Lord, be for You only, for Your Divine Service. To be in Your Divine Service. Let us to be from them.

Amin. Dua, Fatiha.

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