Thursday, December 15, 2005

Atheis and Armageddon

Sulthanul Awliya Mawlana Syaikh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani
Lefke Cyprus, 4th of December 2005

Atheists to the mental-house!

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l Aliyu-l Azim. Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya! By the Name of Allah Almighty most Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent.

A question: what do you think? This planet, earth, just it had been in existence by itself?... Understanding?...If I am saying that this (recorder) by itself just found in existence, anyone believing in it? But so many foolish people saying that: Solar system just it found in existence by itself.
So many atheist people that they are representatives of Shaitan and materialist people, they are saying this: “Our earth just found in existence by itself. They are claiming this, because they are not saying: Someone putting on its orbit this earth, before Mars, after Venus, after Neptune, after Saturn, after Jupiter. Must be something wrong with those people, but everyone now (is) following those foolish people and they are saying: “No God”. How you can say?
Yesterday our cat just brought kids, five. I am asking those foolish people that they are claiming: We are scientist people, we are learned people, we are professors - what do you think? That kids of cat that making this through its womb? How? You are so foolish people! And no mind people following them, government following them, whole educational systems just based on atheist theories.
Blame to them and cursing on them! How! They are saying that kids of cat just it is from that cat. Cat making this inside by itself? And we are coming to our earth. We are asking: Do you think that earth by itself just found through space? Why people following those foolish people? Therefore nations and people falling in a cursed area; they (are) never finding the way, to take away from that narrow and terrible tunnel. Ask your teachers, what they are saying? Dunya, our earth, by itself just found through solar system?
La tataharrak mutaharrikun wa la yaskun sakinun illa bi amri! Nothing can move without a power, making it to move. If something moving, must be a power, pushing it or pulling it. By itself nothing can move or: nothing can be in its without moving, without a power making it to stop. This is a glass. It is now unmoving. That means: from this side, from that side, from this side, from that side, four directions, must be a power, same power, that making it to be in its place. If this side coming like this. if this side powerful, coming like that, If equal powers coming from 4 directions, keeping it in its place, stable.
You cant say: No power. There is a power over ourselves, over everything, making them to move or to be stable, but you are not seeing that power. But your mind and mentality saying: “Yes, must be”. That people (that) they are learning mathematics- so many rules in mathematics- saying: This is true, but an ignorant person may insist: No. No, because we are not looking and seeing that power, I am saying: No power. I am saying: Take him to mental-house.
Those whole professors, whole government people, you must take them to mental-house, because they are saying: We are not looking and seeing (a) power, therefore by itself this stopping in its stable, this in its stableNo, we are not seeing anything, we are seeing only. But unseen powers keeping their stableness. Yes, but what they are teaching to people, to students? Not to believe, because Shaitan making them not to believe. Shaitan saying: Dont believe! Follow me, because I was not believing in God- Astaghfirullah- and I ran away from Him, because He was not giving to me what I was asking. I left him and I am saying: No God-Astaghfirullah! and you must follow me and say also: No God! La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l Aliyu-l Azim!
That is the sources of crisis. And Allah Almighty, the Lord of Heavens just left them: If you are leaving Me, I am leaving you. I am leaving you, look after yourself, save yourselves! Now they are falling in a darkness and falling in a depthless hole and they are not knowing which way to save them. And they are trying every way and looking no way for them to get out. But yet they are not saying: “O Allah, show us our ways! And Allah saying: I showed you! I showed you, I sent to you the Seal of Prophets.
O last nation, last nation on earth before Last Day. You are last nation, but you are not using your minds and mentality and you fell in a dark and depthless hole and you are not following My ways, you are going to be punished- yourself by yourself. Running like this- Turkish governments Running like that- Cypriot governments, running in such a way- European Union, all asking a way, to take away. And you, you are making a UN, bringing all atheist people there. UN, atheist, they are saying: We are not accepting anything on behalf of the Lord of Heavens; we are not dealing with Him, no! No, we are going to make a solution for our problems!
Eh. Allah saying: Look- eating themselves! Everywhere fire, everywhere troubles, everywhere with heavenly Punishments. Tsunami, cinamo cinema they are saying: Cinema coming from Indian Ocean. What happened? Cinema taking millions of people, but government saying: Only people changed their lives from here to death- and 3 million passed away! And they are saying: This is a natural event that happened, coming from nature and we are coming from nature; like grass growing up, some of us eaten by sheep, some of ourselves burning, some of ourselves going to be Nature, nature, nature- who is that nature?

It is only an imagination or it has a reality? No, they are saying, we cant say it is imagination or not. But mostly we are saying it is nature, and nature, we are trying to make people to believe in nature and no one can ask: what is nature? Or: who is nature or where it is or where He is? Underground or over skies, we are saying: Dont ask such a things. Nature! You must believe in nature. We are giving name nature, finished. Only you must believe in its name, you cant ask : what is that, who is that nature? Nature, nature. Let nature take them away. I am cursing to them!
Every trouble coming like that, yah I am saying also here (to) whole governments, whole statesmen: You are making rules for your solution and people standing up, saying: We are fed up form your rules! Your rules batil, false! We are fed up (of) your elections, we are fed up from your statesmen! Let ourselves to be free, let us to follow the Rules of Heavens! They are saying: We are shooting you! If you are shooting us, we are shooting you now! You may shoot? We may burn you!
In middle of atheist countries, France, Allah putting a fire there, every night hundreds of cars shooting. Shoot fire! Putting fire, escaping, run after them! Till these people coming to say: “O our Lord, You are creating ourselves and we are your servants, give your forgiveness and favours and blessings and your mercy on ourselves! Till they are saying this, these elections all going to be nonsense. And terrible results coming now. Finished. Elections finished. Just bankrupt elections, finished. They must come and follow holy Orders coming from Heavens.
For what Allah sent Prophets? Whom they are following the way of Prophets should be saved or they should be grinded. Now they are saying: 4o people, 5o people, 1oo people, 2oo people, 1ooo. Look, what coming now- taking not millions, billions should take! Billions!
It is Merhamatu-l Kubra, that in New Testament and Old Testament it is mentioned: When last days approaching should be a big War named Armageddon, taking billions - not millions! Keep yourself! Keep yourself! If a person trying to sleep on railway, and saying: It is very safe place, I may put my head on that iron way, I may sleep here, but coming, coming that (train)taking his head and his body crushing. People now (on) wrong way, wrong way, wrong way.
They brought to my grandsons a kind of computer, teaching language and words. Pressing and saying and so many times I am trying and I am hearing: Wrong, saying: Wrong way, wrong. That small computer, if I am doing a wrong, saying to me: Wrong, Wrong. Now Prophets, all of them, saying: “O people, you are on wrong way, come (to) true way! and you are not listening? You should be punished!

Therefore, o people: if a ship drowned and people falling in sea, no one looking after another one; (everyone) looking (only) how they should save themselves. Now you must look after yourself everyone. Save yourself! If you are not saving yourself no one can come and save you! But that is the time of last days, that the signs of Last Day, Judgment Day, just appeared. Should be so many terrible things, and only shelter: to run to Allah! Run to Allah, He can shelter you, not anyone else!

May Allah forgive me and bless you. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad saw, Fatiha.

Wa min allah at Tawfiq

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