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24.9. : Allah did His best for us - o people, do your best for Him!

Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Nabiyyina Muhammad alayhi salam
Salatan tadumu wa tughda ilayh mamarra layali wa tula dawam!

As-salamu alaikum! Welcome to you! Welcome to good servants, not welcome to bad people, bad servants

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

By the Name of Allah Almighty All-Merciful, Most Beneficent and Most Magnificent

May Allah forgive us, because we are not good servants! I am sorry to say this, that we are not good servants! We are not good servants, we are bad servants!

Destur, ya Sayyidina Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded!

Allah Almighty (is) saying: wa la tuzakku anfusakum Don t say: I am a good servant, a good one! Don t make yourself a clean one, don t claim that: I am working for my Lord - we can t say that we are doing our best for Allah Almighty!

And Allah Almighty He is doing His best for His servants; He did and (He is still) doing (it) also. He did His best and created you from a clean generation. He created (the) first man, Adam - peace be upon him-, and He granted to him (the) best quality, (the) best qualification.

He granted to you, to man, (the) best qualification, He designed man on (the) best design; you can t think that or you can't think (of) any design better for you (than) that (which) Allah Almighty designed (for) you! Who can say that: May be another

form for me (is) going to be better or (the) best design ? (This) may say some foolish ones that they are running after Shaitan!

Shaitan (is the) worst enemy for man. He is most greedy one to man and (he is) saying: Oh, so ugly ones! and Allah created man on (the) best design! Subhanallah! Shaitan (is so) greedy one and making mankind not to be happy with his design!

Always Shaitan (is) making something for man, coming to his mind, to say: O my form is no good, my design is no good!

Therefore, Shaitan he was never saying to man that: Your design (is the) best design, your form (is the) best form!

When he was getting rebellious to Allah, Shaitan was saying: O man, your design (is) no good , and he was giving his oath, saying: I shall try, with my most energy, ability, capability, I shall try to make people not to be happy with their designs!

I shall try to make them to change (it)! (He was) making (an) oath, saying in (the) divinely Presence: I shall try to do my - not best!- my worst to those people that You created them and ordering me to make, to bow to him and I am better, I am much

more perfect! By looking and through my creation, I am much more perfect and much more good looking - not beautiful- handsome, from Adam! Therefore now You changed my creation and I shall try, making my oath against Your Command, to make those new generation that they are thinking they are better than me, I shall try to do everything, every badness, against them, even I shall try to change their outlooking also! They should think that they are better and perfect if I am making them to believe in me so that I shall try to change their outlooking. Inner, it is not important for me, but outlooking. I shall try to change their outlooking, they should say: O my nose it no good, I must do an operation!

A kind of surgery. There is some doctors, they are making some operations on our physical being, saying: You must change your nose, your mouth, your ear, your stomach, your legs, your breast, your hands - I shall try to make them believe that they are not handsome or they are not beautiful one!

And now Shaitan he reached top of his effort to make people (believe) that: Your creation is no good, you must do a surgery to make your nose, to make your eyes, to make your mouth, to make your stomach, to make your legs so many things.

And for men, (he is) trying to change their outlooking Allah Almighty just decorated man with their beard. There is Angels on Heaves, their Tesbih, glorifying, is: Subhanallah who decorated men with beards and women with long hair! One level of Angels

they are glorifying Allah Almighty, saying that: He (is) just giving a beauty to men with their beards and (to) women with their long hair! Shaitan (is) saying: I shall change them! And now billions (of) people (Are) following Shaitan and saying:

We must not put this beard, no, it is no good for us, we must change our faces, we (are) never going to (get) used to make (grow a) moustache or beard, we must do like (the) faces of ladies! It is so tasteless; now people are shaving their beards and moustaches and coming like women s faces! And women also, they are trying to make their hair that Allah Almighty just granted to them a beauty through their long hair and making it cutting, cutting, cutting and their heads (are) going to be like (the) heads of men, no taste!

Allah created men on (the) best design, but Shaitan for his greed (is) making man to believe that their outlooking is no good: You must change it! Allah He did His best for man and man they are not thanking to Allah that He granted to them and making for them His best, (they are) changing (it)! Now 1oo % people (are) changed.

I am looking, seeing one person now, I was thinking that he is a lady and he is saying: I am not lady, I am a man! sometimes I am looking, seeing some ladies, I am thinking that she is a man and she is saying: I am not a man, I am a lady. Where is your ladyness? Look, Allah Almighty He did His best for mankind and mankind they are ungrateful! They are believing in Shaitan and saying: Our outlooking is no good!

For what?

When we are young, it is something, when we are getting older, our outlooking (is) getting to be so ugly ! Yes! Allah He is doing His best for mankind.

I hear that one person that Allah Almighty (was) making her colour dark colour, she was so crazy, making so many operations and they said to me: This is (a) famous cinema star. (She was) saying that: My color is no good, I must change my colour! and she did so many things and finally she was coming (to be in a) so ugly design that even she can t able to look at herself through (the) mirror, throwing away mirror: I wasn t in such a way! I was so handsome, beautiful, what happened to me? (She is) never looking now to her face!

Subhanallah, Glory to Allah Almighty! Making Shaitan people not to be happy with his creation! Allah granted to you by creating you on (the) best design, ahsani taqwim , and He is giving, as He likes, putting dark, white, red, yellow I saw also in London blue hair I was saying: Really this person (was) born and his hair (as) blue? No! Another one, looking, seeing: Oh this there is also this green green hair? I (have) never seen (that and) I am 9o years! From where you are coming?

Coming from Jahannam

Look what (is) making Shaitan! Allah granted to us His best qualities, creating us in (the) best qualities and we are looking through our outlooking and saying: We are not handsome or beautiful or to say: I am ugly! You are not ugly, what is this!

This we may stop here and we are saying, when we are thinking on it that Allah granted to us His best, He did His best for us, and He is asking and looking (to) His servants, if they are doing their best for Him!

Do you think that people now are happy and thankful and saying to Allah: O our Lord, You did Your best for us and we must try to be best servants for You (and to do the) best service for You! Do you think in such a way now mankind? And they are saying: We are civilized persons No, they are Jahannam people! Who is not happy with Allah Almighty s Grant, they are for Hells!

Look and thank to Allah that He granted to you from His best, divinely Attribute, granting to you and you are saying: We are not perfect one, we are no good ones, we are not beautiful not handsome one ? What is that? Whole people now they are becoming like Shaitan! (They are) believing in Shaitan, not believing in their Creator, Allah Almighty.

O people, try to do your best for your Creator, for your Lord, (the) Lord of Heavens!

That is your honor, then you should be dressed another dressing that Shaitan (is) never dreaming (of), hayyal , imagining The Day of Resurrection, when Allah Almighty (is) dressing (the) People of Paradise in such a beauty, Shaitan should fall down, saying: Oh, oh, what I was thinking, but what our Creator (is) granting to those people! He should say: I was wrong, but his greed (is) not making to him to say: I am wrong , and he is running to fire, not saying: O my Lord, You did Your best for mankind, forgive me! I was wrong, mistaken! Never saying!

O people, come and try to be best ones! Try to do your best for your Creator, Allah Almighty! At least through holy month or holiest month, Ramadan, try to do your best for your Creator, Allah Almighty! May Allah forgive us and blessings. For the honor of most honoured one, most perfect one, best one through creation, S.Muhammad sws! Fatiha.

Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Nabiyyina Muhammad alayhi salam

Salatan tadumu wa tughda ilay, mamarra layali wa tula dawam

Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah, Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah

Subhan Sensin Sultan Sensin Subhan Sensin, Sultan Sensin Subhan Sensin, Sultan Sensin, ya Allah

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