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The Purpose of Mawlana Syaikh Hisham's Khalwat

The Purpose of Mawlana Syaikh Hisham's Khalwat
By Sulthanul Awliya Mawlana Syaikh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani an-Naqshbandi
Rajab 1426 Hijriah, August 2005


There is permission. There is permission for Seclusion and practice for 40 days. But we have not been ordered to assign anyone other than Syaikh Hisham, to enter into a seclusion a complete one for 40 days. While leaving people and family and children to leave all dunya and country behind him completely and to welcome the service of Allah as much as possible.

In this year, they sent us signal for the servant who is poor for Allah is rich to say Syaikh Nazim who has the titles of Al-Haqqani An Naqshbandi, that I should commission one, Syaikh Hisham to enter into the 40 days service.

This year 1426 H ( Aug 2005 ) to be separated from dunya, children, family, country and work and to give his heart and to make himself available only for his Lord and for His service. I was informed In this matter to commission One of the deputies of our Master The Sulthan of The Saints and the teacher of the ummah Syaikh Abdullah Ad Daghestani (May Allah raise his station continuously) that I should commission Syaikh Hisham Al-Kabbani , Who is known as Al-Haqqani, and who is also known as Madad ul – Haqq.

Allah is supporting him with a special support in order to sever disbelief from its roots. And in order to open the way for TRUTH for the appointment of the TRUE ONE and for protecting the people of truth and to over power The kingdom of iblees, to cause its ruin .

I was given the signal and the glade tiding that I should commission One of the deputies Of Mawlana Syaikh Abdullah Al Fa'is Ad Daghestani, Syaikh Hisham Al Kabbani Ar- Rabbani Al-Haqqani, to enter to seclude himself from the beginning of the month of Rajab al Murrajab until the 10th of Sha'aban al muazzam. As much as possible in terms of the perfection of the seclusion of Tawajjuh, of Suluk and of Qiyam, As much as possible to be in the service of the knowledge dispensing king.

That is why I called him to come here to our presence in order for me to give him such an assignment and according to our insight. He will assume the position for which a promise was made on the day of the promise and the covenant, to be in the service of the Lord over servants. To quell disbelief (kufur), to invalidate it, to ruin it and to destroy The kingdom of satan and abalisah (plural of iblees).

May Allah reveal him and support him with a special support. Tomorrow since the time is near for the blessed month, The month of Rajjab Al Murrajab 1426 H. With Allah's leave Syaikh Hisham will direct himself in obedience to what they have asked of us and what we have received that we should cast this assignment upon his shoulders to carry the responsibility. Carry and they saw our honorable Masters, that this important task is only suitable for Syaikh Hisham Al Kabbani and Ar-Rabbani.

That he should make himself available to achieve and to apply, and to pave the way for the appearance of the owner of time. And he should govern with the governance he is given according to what is required of him right before the time of Sayyidina Al Mahdi a.s. During his time and after his time we wish that Allah will facilitate this matter and we are reminding him that everything which the servant does solely for his Lord may He be glorified. Is made easy...easy which action is heavy. The one in which the ego takes its share in the action. This will make him tired and will be the cause for him not to receive support from the angelic realm to complete his service.

In summary he will intend after Asr prayer, next Thursday Fourth of the month answering. Yes sir fourth of the month he will shower for the welcoming of The blessed month The month of Rajjab Al Murrajab and he will enter with the intention of subduing the ego and it's evil from his self and from all the selves of the members of the ummah. We want him to erase the evil of the egos form the servant and to free them up and to bring them to the service of certainly for Allah is the pure religion for the Lord.

In his seclusion he will be busy with his Master, my Master Syaikh Abdullah ,the teacher of the ummah. Then he will ascend in the company of Mawlana Syaikh to the service of The prophet of the last days the beloved of Allah, uur Master Muhammad SAW. and he will then intend to raise the flag of peace between the east and the west.

And everyday he tends to a different matter. Then he will supplicate and ask for the ummah . A Sultan as was indicated By the Lord of Glory when He said "Oh people from human and from jinn. If you are able to penetrate from the regions of the heavens and the earth then do it, you cannot penetrate without a Sultan."

There is no need to interpret the meaning of the word Sultan. It's meaning is apparent if there was any difficulty. In understanding a word we may then go to interpretation. In this case everybody knows the meaning of the word Sultan or of except through a Sultan. Why then they want to interpret and add things by saying it means Sultan of knowledge? Why? Why they don't say Sultan of men, Sultan of the angelic realm Sultan of the earth?

This must be for correcting what is happening on the face of the earth. This cannot be accomplished without a Sultan "Oh people from human and from jinn. If you are able to penetrate from the regions of the heavens and the earth then do it. You cannot penetrate without a Sultan."

The Sultan is the shadow of Allah on His earth. Whoever honors him, like this whoever honors him. And whoever humiliates him, Allah will humiliate him. Whoever honor him, Allah will honor him. Whoever honor the Sultan, Allah will honor him. And whoever humiliate him, Allah will humiliate him. This is the service, the one who enters it must…What I mean is that the focus ff this seclusion, is to ask for the Sultan. Because the people are under such hardship. That cannot be described, The likes of which have not been seen. And the people are confused, they do not know how to get out of this difficulty. This difficulty is like being in a tunnel Tunnel? Tunnel tunnel? No way out except through a Sultan "The Sultan is the shadow of God in His Land." The people left him (the Sultan), and they followed the devils, and they fell into the trap. They do not know how to be delivered out from this dome or how to be delivered out from this difficulty.

This is the original purpose only to ask for this matter, we don't want anything else. For what other purpose is this seclusion? Oh my Lord I seek refuge with Allah. When they said the children of Israel when they said to their prophet send us a king. So that we will struggle in Allah's way (Fisabilillah) in ordered to teach the servants. He did not mention that send us. Never they said.When they said to their prophet send us.

When they face hardship, the children of Israel, they went to their prophet. Those devils they deny intercession through saints and prophets. This is the best example of intercession . Why didn't they, why did they go to their prophet. Why didn't they directly say "Oh our Lord, send us a king too."

They went to their prophet and asked send ask from your Lord. When they said to their prophet send us a king, your tongue is pure. You ask on our behalf from your Lord We have made you our intercession (Wasilah). You ask from your Lord, to send us a king Who owns the land and the people? King. When they were righteous, the king was righteous. When they deviated, the people deviated. That is it… we are.

Every, every night, in the last third, he will be in the station of intimate discourse with his Lord. Syaikh Hisham, when he finish the awrad and the Salawat. Salawat Awrad, he will be busy 24 hours. After the daily awrad at night, he should ask at the time of acceptance (of supplication) for Allah to send us a king. A king to struggle in Allah's way. His supplication will have the same effect as that of 124.000 Saints Engaged in supplication for 40 days.

Asking The Lord of servants to send them a king. That is why we are sending Syaikh Hisham Effendi, whom we know very well. The others Saints, we do not know them. For this purpose he must enter, not any other thing. Other things are not important He must ask this only the summary of the 40 days. And the real purpose is this consultation with the Prophet SAW.

He must be present, spiritually with the Prophet SAW , and ask ,"Oh …Prophet of mercy, Oh… Prophet of mercy…,Oh Prophet of mercy, ask your Lord to send us a king so that we may struggle in Allah's way, Fisabilillah .

The one whom you gave us the glad tiding about," Oh Prophet of mercy, Ya Nabi Ya Rahmah, we are looking to see the results. What I advised him regarding his physicality So that he doesn't become weak. And for him to complete the service, so that he is not carrying too much. Too much or too little. The best of ways is the middle one.

I advised him regarding eating and drinking, whatever he does he does, and after that he asks "Oh our Lord, send us a king." Make it (the hardship) oh Allah, as if it didn't exist Oh our Lord erase their evil through your men. And it is for you. For you. For you oh my Lord. To sever, sever their roots, severed were the roots of the oppressors and praise be to the Lord of the worlds.

That is the main task. With which we are ordered, he will afterwards. Little by little receive openings in the seclusion. A little more and then more, will come to the seclusion This just now…Became apparent , the wisdom of this assignment of Syaikh Hisham in this year. The real purpose has just appeared with this step… now afterward he can do as he likes. Regarding this matter, in his task he will receive inspiration, continuously to his heart and he will answer them.

He will be like a tower for the airport. What they call it? Traffic control… what? Beacon Menara. This is continuously turning, seeing in all directions. More inspirations will come, thoughts will also attack. But when thought attacks, he makes ablution and prays 2 cycles. In this matter, it is up to him to read the Holy Qur'an as much as possible to read more. He does not to read other books, because inspirations will be coming about the intricate meanings (of Qur'an).

He has permission to write them down. Of course an ocean knower of the unseen. Because according to the signals we received, from the people of signals (vision). We understood that the intensity of the hardship required for the appearance (of Mahdi as) has just happened . The people have reached their limits of hardship. From the intensity of oppression and darkness.

May Allah remove it from existences, the oppression, the transgression, the tyranny, the denial (of truth) through the blessings of the Prophet SAW and the sanctity of the Al Fatiha (MSN read Al Fatiha).

There is what you call it Hisham Effendi, continuously your heart will be in rabitha (connection) with us. A line running from our direction to you this is also important
The honorable connection (Rabithatu Sharifah)

We can see from this Sohbet, that the door to Mawlana Syaikh Nazim is Mawlana Syaikh Hisham.Kabbani ar-Rabbani

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